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Allemagne, Suisse et 37 pays

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12 000




Experience the diversity of engineering!

Brunel is one of the leading engineering service providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. We have been supporting all kinds of projects and offering exceptional career opportunities across the entire spectrum of modern engineering for over 20 years. Our 3,000 engineers, IT specialists, technicians and managers provide companies with project solutions in various technical industries and disciplines. At Brunel, this diversity translates into exciting assignments and opportunities at everything: from medium-sized companies to hidden champions and DAX-listed companies. Our projects tackle road, rail, sea, air and even space travel. They range from the conventional to the highly innovative, from early-stage development to the finished product, from the national to the international. They require everything from career beginners to experienced professionals. Working for just a single employer, you thus find endless opportunities to shape the future of technology. We operate a network of more than 40 offices and two development centers in Germany alone, and our international network employs more than 12,000 people at 106 offices worldwide.

Métiers proposés



  • Sciences pharmaceutiques, industrie du médicament
  • Bioinformatique
  • Mécanique
  • Mécatronique
  • Système de production
  • Ingénierie des systèmes automatique et vision
  • Automatique et systèmes
  • Génie industriel
  • Génie électrique
  • Électronique
  • Qualité, logistique industrielle et organisation
  • Matériaux et polymères
  • Informatique et réseaux, nouvelles technologies de l’information
  • Infrastructures numériques et objets communiquants
  • Micro et nanoélectronique
  • Photonique
  • Web, systèmes d'informations
  • Achats et logistiques
  • Audit, contrôle, finance
  • Conseil
  • Gestion de projets
  • International business
  • Lean management, supply chain management
  • Management généraliste
  • Management intégré QSE
  • Relation client, négociation, vente
  • Banque et assurance


Julie Zahnbrecher, Recruiter

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