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France, Belgique, Allemagne

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Nalys is an engineering group dedicated to high technology projects. We want Nalys to be a place where engineers find great projects, technical communities and exciting opportunities for their career. A company where passionate people can make things move and grow in the process. We also guarantee a high-quality standard for each and every one of our projects, whether it is for our engineers or our customers. To do so, we’ve created an exclusive project review system combining follow-ups and performance monitoring. This process is used as a support for our whole career evolution system.

Métiers proposés

Feel free to meet us and discover our 3-year Program for Young Talents:

1. Graduate Program in Embedded SW (Brussels)
2. Graduate Program in Automotive Embedded SW (Munich)
3. Graduate Program in Automation and Process (Brussels)

We are also interested in other expertise like mechanics, life sciences, quality...


  • Sciences pharmaceutiques, industrie du médicament
  • Mécanique
  • Mécatronique
  • Système de production
  • Ingénierie des systèmes automatique et vision
  • Automatique et systèmes
  • Génie industriel
  • Génie électrique
  • Électronique
  • Qualité, logistique industrielle et organisation
  • Informatique industrielle
  • International business
  • Ressources humaines, RSE

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